I found Annie when I had reached an impasse in both my professional and personal life. Having recently obtained a degree in law I found I was unable to secure a job interview as a result of a CV that was stale and uninspiring.

Annie not only gave me invaluable advice on rewriting my CV, she also helped me to achieve a new way of thinking. Through weekly meetings, Annie and I looked at certain aspects of my situation that were holding me back from achieving my goals. Becoming goal-orientated became a central focus of our sessions. Annie took an holistic approach, by recognising that for me to attain success in my career I needed to re-evaluate other areas of my life.

Through Annie I learnt the invaluable lesson of approaching hurdles with positivity. She managed to rewire my thinking and to encourage me to see the positive in a situation, where before I could see only obstacles and hopelessness which left me with a deep feeling of inertia.

Since my meetings with Annie I have secured a position within the law firm of my choice and my world is exciting again. I think Annie’s most invaluable lesson to me – ignore the naysayers and live life in a way that embraces the adventures, enjoys the challenges and grabs at the endless possibilities life has to offer.

JF, Sevenoaks 2019

My son and I chatted for ages last night about his latest life coaching session. He was really excited and felt that it would help him tremendously. Thank you for instilling such enthusiasm towards the process and I’d like you to offer the same coaching to my other son too!

I am absolutely convinced that this process will deliver huge dividends for us.

ET, Kent 2021

‘I never believed I’d do it! I moved from banking to travelling in my mid-30s. From a steady, well-paid job to visiting – and working in – all those places I’d only ever dreamed about…get your head around it and anything can happen. Don’t limit yourself, time ticks by and time’s the one thing we can’t get back.’

RF, Banking Analyst, Manchester, 2018
‘Life Coaching has transformed my life! I was in a bad place with my relationship and my career and although I wanted to change this, I couldn’t see how. After just a few sessions my mindset shifted dramatically and I felt “released” and able to allow myself to move in the right direction. At last! Magic – there’s no stopping me now!’
NW, Kent 2016
‘What can I say? “Life changing” doesn’t even begin to cover what has happened! “Thinking outside the box” is the best thing that has EVER happened to me…’
LK, Kent 2014

‘I wanted and needed to move on, I could see the logic and appeal, however, my heart said ‘yes’ and my brain said ‘no’. A few Life Coaching sessions with Annie removed the block and life has never been the same since! Feeling unstoppable and the difference to my self-confidence is incredible!’

CT, Property Developer, East Sussex, 2017
‘Life Coaching has helped focus me on what I want to achieve in life and how to make it happen with the use of some valuable tools. The face to face sessions are most effective and do not fail to draw you forward on your journey in life.’
BB, Sevenoaks 2015