Professional Life coach to help you reach your potential

I’m a professional, experienced, fully qualified and friendly Life Coach based in Cranbrook, Kent. I have a passion for helping and supporting others and also run my own businesses so I know what the challenges can be in all aspects of life

Let me help you on the journey that is life – whatever your situation – to find out what’s limiting you and help you build back self-confidence. Even the smallest change takes courage and that’s when things start to happen. The first steps are the hardest, take them and reach your potential

I work face-to-face or on the phone

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  • If you’d like to make changes

  • If you’d like to move on
  • If you’ve hit a bit of a wall in life
  • If life isn’t as you’d like it

Over the years I’ve helped many people to change their lives and reach their potential.

I’ve been a Life Coach for over 12 years and helped many people to change their lives and reach their potential. My vision is to help, inspire and add value to people’s lives through helping them change their mindsets, dispel their limiting beliefs and to become the person that they know they can be. I have run (and still run) my own businesses so I know the pressure that can come hand in hand with this. Physical and mental health are paramount in the process of achieving goals – whether in business or personal. I am a great lover of the outdoors and if this would be your preferred method of being coached, this too can be arranged!

Why Life Coaching can help you?

Many of us live a fast-paced life – family, mortgages, work, play – it can be a real juggling act to keep all the balls in the air. And then, when we can’t – and given the hugely added pressure of ‘instant’ social media – it can lead to crushing anxiety, huge pressure, feeling stuck on the hamster wheel and feelings of self-doubt.

How can I keep this up? Is it worth it? What do others think of me? One can feel trapped by the circumstance in which we find ourselves and making that first step to change can seem utterly overwhelming, if not impossible. Unable to see a way forward, to make a decision it sometimes seems that the ‘easy’ option is to keep on keeping on…

The first step towards change is always the most difficult. The first step is the initial email or phone call. It is always the smallest changes that take the most courage and often make the most impact. Just talking to someone who is non-judgemental, not a friend or member of the family and who is able to take a step back from you and your past and who can help you to allow yourself to clear your head is life changing. Talking to a friendly Life Coach in a neutral environment, making a plan that can be implemented with small actions, being accountable to someone who’s on your side, having that vital support, that’s when life can change for the better.

How does it work

Each client is different, with unique views, ideas and needs so I adopt a flexible approach to Life Coaching, custom made for each individual.

    1. Questionnaire to start
      I send each client a complementary questionnaire to start the ball rolling and to give me an idea of where you are at this moment.

    2. Face to face sessions
      Sessions can be face to face in Cranbrook or on the phone, or indeed outside and last about 60 minutes.

    3. Follow up steps
      I will ask you to complete follow-up steps before our next session. I am available for email and telephone contact in between sessions to keep up the momentum or if you need an interim boost!


The entire process is completely confidential. Before starting to coach I ask each client to fill in a Personal Details form and to sign a simple contract that covers both parties

How do I pay?

I ask you to pay by bank transfer before each session. If you pay upfront for five sessions, I will give you one session with 50% off. I ask for at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or unfortunately, the session must be paid for. Please do get in touch for payment structure

Let me help you with the journey that is life. Whatever your situation – changing job, getting back into employment after a break, wrong relationships, low self-esteem, lack of confidence let me help you find out what’s limiting you.

Please do get in touch

In these tough times of uncertainty, it can be even more difficult to know which way to turn. Conflicting emotions running through your mind added challenges which none of us could ever have envisaged – work, family, finances, relationships – everything brought into sharp focus. However, in many ways, it’s the ideal time to reassess what you want from your life with more time to unravel those thoughts and space to think

Complimentary Questionnaire
Please do contact me

I’m happy to chat with you and to send a complimentary questionnaire which can help start the process and journey – we’re in this together…